New Honor Smartphone Features You Should Know About


The invention of smartphones has really changed the tides of the world and improved our activities as humans economically, healthwise, and we can even say in all areas of our lives. Technological advancement has not ceased to help man in his mission to improve in their daily activities. This is also applicable in the phone world, where upgrades are made, and new features that humans can use to improve our daily activities are discovered. Some of these upgrades include enhanced connectivity, improved chipset, etc.

As we proceed in this article, we will discuss the incredible new Honor features of this ever-growing industry and how this affects your overall performance with smartphones.

Features of Honor Smartphones

  • Foldable Displays: Foldable has been in existence for quite a while now but is not common with most phone-producing companies. Recently released by Honor company, this great feature allows your honor smartphone to enlarge and reduce its screen size to suit the activity being carried out on the phone. Many people would love this feature because it is enlarged when watching movies and can be folded when operating on it.
  • High-Resolution Cameras: We all have different uses and reasons for owning a phone. Some reasons might be for processing information while some are for gaming; however, if you have your phone for the camera (taking pictures), this honor phone feature is just for you. Recent honor phones have been noticed to now upgrade their cameras to high-resolution cameras with redefined camera sensors. This gives better clarity to our pictures, with most honor smartphones having up to 108 megapixels plus 100X zoom. This gives you the ability to take pictures from a distance and the clarity you need on your phone.
  • Water-Resistant: Another new amazing feature that honor phones have is the capability of their phones to be in good condition even after entering the water. This feature is one of the features lacking in honor phones until recently when it was observed the repair of phones after getting bin contact with water costs a lot and cost people a lot. Water-resistance is a feature we would all like to enjoy. You could check the magic3 mobile price to see an example of an affordable honor smartphone that has this feature.
  • Improved Artificial Intelligence (AI): The remarkable smartphone features keep getting better. Now honor smartphones keep you on schedule with alarms, calendars, etc. They also come with improved artificial intelligence that acts like a personal assistant keeping tabs on your entire calendar or Goggle assistance on Androids. Research has shown that most searches are done via voice search, which is a significant improvement from the mobile phones we have in the past. This is another new and remarkable feature we can find on the recent honor smartphones being produced.
  • Liquid Cooling Technology: This feature is particularly for honor gaming phones that normally get hot after using it for a while (probably over an hour). This is a feature in honor smartwatches; it cools down the phone’s system once it hits a certain temperature. Due to this, there have been complaints that phones get hot after over an hour of continuous usage, and some are not even up to. This feature has made sure this stops as technology is put in place by mobile phone producers to cool down the phone’s system once it begins to get hot. The liquid cooling technology helps keep the phone neutral even during an intense gaming session.


These new features have helped many honor phone users increase their level of productivity and made them enjoy the usage of their smartphones. There are so many more improvements to expect in the future; however, it is important to be aware of these available features to enjoy the best smartphone experience.


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