How to Use Small Vending Machines


Many people have been avoiding certain stores because they don’t know how to use vending machines. If you are one of such people, there is no need to feel embarrassed, as there are many others who are like you. Vending machines are not difficult to use as you may have thought.

The small vending machines and the big ones are not completely different when you are using them. They only have a difference in size, so if you can use a big one, you can use a small one too. There is just one effective way to operate a self-selling device and it involves paying for the item you want.

If you want to learn about small vending machines and ways of operating them, this article will help you. It will also give you the operating steps under each method, so stay with it till the end.

How to use small vending machines

If you don’t know how to use the retailing device the simple steps below will guide you through it.

Find the item you want

The first step of purchasing any product is making sure it is what you want. After this, other steps can follow because you don’t want to shop and regret it later. Check every item you can see through the transparent glass and pick what you want.

Find the price of the item

When you have found what you need to buy, the next step is to find the price. Since this is with a self-selling device, there is no attendant to ask the price of the item from, so you need to do it yourself. For a transparent retailing machine, you will see the price and product code of every item under it. For a non-transparent device, you need to touch the product for the price and code to appear on the screen.

Pay for the item

The next step is to pay for the item you want. Since you now know the price, insert the exact amount into the device. There is a coin slot for people who want to pay with coins and a bill slot for bills. Make sure your bill is smooth and has no tears before you insert it into the machine. Besides the bill slot, there is a diagram that explains how to slot in your note correctly.

Note that some vending machines don’t accept over $5 at once. You can also pay with your credit cards for improved retailing devices. Swipe your card through the card reader and put in your pin.

Get your item

To get your item, type the product code and allow the item to fall out. Then, pick it up and head out. If it is a modern retailer, just tap the product you need and receive it from the space created for it.


Using a vending machine is not as hard as you think. You need to find the product you want and get the price and code. The article gives an overview on how to use small vending machines, when next you see one.


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