How to Improve Chances of Winning Pull Tab Lottery Tickets


Pull tab lottery tickets offer an amazing way of trying and earning quick cash. Remember you are trying on pure luck. Even then, you can improve your chances of winning on pull tab tickets. Although you might not win whenever playing, some tips can help increase your odds.

Do Not Go for Cheap Ones

You can find a lot of pull tab lottery ticks available. If you are not familiar with them, you can easily get lost. You can find them in different prizes, prices, brands, and designs. As a result, you can easily get confused and become unable to make the right decision. Thus, you need to pay attention when buying tickets. Most people get tempted to purchase cheaper tickets. Remember these tickets are cheaper for certain reasons. When buying lottery tickets, you should go for quality instead of quantity.

Read Fine Print

It is a good idea to read the fine print before buying a lottery ticket. In fact, the fine print can help improve your chances of winning. Thus, it makes sense to read and understand it.

Purchase in Bulk

Seasoned winners of lottery tickets believe in buying cards in bulk. You should also try it if you want to win big. Rather than purchasing a single ticket, you should consider buying several in a single trip. Studies have shown that when you purchase in bulk, you increase your odds of winning. This is because manufacturers place a win throughout their tickets. Thus, when you buy your tickets in bulk, you increase the chance of winning. However, do this only if you have a budget.

Use Slots Technique

Some slot machine player way until players exhaust their chances or when many players do not win a jackpot. Surprisingly, the long drought might be a sign the machine is about to hit the jackpot. You can also try this method when it comes to playing pull tab lottery tickets. Find out if someone has won big. Although this might be time-consuming, it can help you win big.

Keep Old Tickets

Most people throw away their old tickets. Maybe it is because they think they are losers. However, you should not throw away your tickets. By keeping them, you can avoid mistakes you made in the past. There are times when jackpots are not won. Thus, the manufacturer might request the losing tickets to choose a loser, who in turn becomes a winner.

Submit Losing Tickets

Just like holding to your losing tickets, you can also submit them for official checking. Sometimes it can be an error or missed winning combination. In such a case, you might be eligible for cash back.

Study the Tickets

Experienced lottery players take their time to study tickets. They analyze the design and layout to choose patterns that offer clues to whether the lottery tickets have symbols, combinations, and numbers required to win. However, most ticket manufacturers are now aware of this strategy and devise ways to avoid it. Even then, some manufacturers are still lagging, and you can catch up with them.


Winning a lottery is by sheer luck. However, this does not mean you cannot improve your chances of getting big bucks. Carefully study tickets before buying and know when to buy them. Avoid cheaper tickets and follow your gut.


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