How Long will a Phone Charge Take on Car?


Ugreen cell phone car chargers are great products, which come with high quality and best performance. It gives you a safe and reliable way to charge your cell phones while on the go. Featuring an LED indicator that allows you to easily see the charging status of your device, Ugreen’s Qi fast chargers are the best car chargers you can ever have.

When it comes to using ugreen car chargers, there are lots of factors that come into play when charging any device, including battery size and age as well as the cable in use.

The standard car charger adapter is 5V/3A, which means that it can output up to 3 amp (3000mA) of current. If you have a newer device, such as an Android phone or iPhone, then it may have a higher voltage requirement. For example, some iPhones require 12V/1A while others require 12V/2A (2400mA).

If you have an older device that doesn’t support fast charging or has a lower voltage requirement, then you should buy a 12V/1.5A adapter instead of 5V/3A because it will take longer to charge your device.

Factors Determining How Long Your Phone Charge

The ability to charge your phone while you drive is one of the most convenient features that some cars have. However, there are many factors that determine how long your phone charges in a car charger. The most important ones are:

The type of phone you have. Smartphones tend to charge faster than regular phones, but they also use more power. If you have an older smartphone, it may take longer to charge than a newer model.

The type of cable you’re using. Most smartphones come with a USB-A to USB-C cable, which limits the amount of power that can be transferred from one device to another — this means that if your phone isn’t charging fast enough from your car charger, try replacing the cable with something like a Type C cable and check for any differences.

The type of charger. You can choose between wired and wireless chargers. The former is connected directly to the power source while the latter needs to be connected using a USB cable. The wireless ones are more convenient since they do not require any wire connection and they are also relatively cheaper than wired ones. However, their efficiency is usually lower compared to their wired counterparts because they have less power transfer capabilities and can take longer before fully charging your device.

The capacity of your battery. Your phone’s battery will determine how long it takes for your device to fully charge when plugged into a charging port or power source. This is because higher capacity batteries hold more charge than their lower counterparts which means they require less time charging completely before being used again by users who need them urgently in case of emergency situations such as when traveling.


When you have the charger on the car and there is no amperage that reaches to the charger, it will take almost 5 hours to charge. But if there is a current running and the charger gives voltage to the phone, then you need not worry about anything because in such a case your mobile will be charged approximately within 2 hours.

So, it looks like taking your phone charger in the car with you on longer journeys is actually worth doing. The safest way to charge your device whilst driving is to use a lighting connector or a USB port, depending on your phone. This way you avoid looking at or touching your phone whilst trying to stay safe on the roads. Get the best lightning connector adapters today from Ugreen car charger collections at unbelievably affordable prices.


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